Transporting your business projects into
business priorities for social progress.

Our Strategy

To promote social progress in business and in the political decision-making process, it is essential to have a defined plan to achieve operational results studied during appropriate preparation. We offer this body of thought, lobbying, and advisory to empower Congolese and other individuals interested in investing in the DRC with suitable approaches and to develop the most adapted strategy with them. Our range of services ensures that they have both a commitment of trust and a comprehensive understanding of the political ecosystem.

Political Advocacy

We intervene where the political decision-making process presents opportunities to stakeholders. A range of services is offered to help them engage with influential actors, participate in consultation periods, and use key tools to advocate their positions. Everything is done to present the client's demands to political leaders through meetings, drafting legislative proposals, position papers, and participation in economic and commercial events.


Political changes and developments bring both risks and opportunities for organizations. We ensure that our clients are always informed through systematic monitoring of relevant institutions and stakeholders. Accordingly, analysis and recommendations are provided. Moreover, we ensure that our clients have comprehensive and up-to-date information to represent their positions in a quantified and consistent manner.


With our extensive experience in bringing together diverse organizations and key actors, we can organize coherent campaigns through multiple communication channels. This ranges from managing professional associations to forming alliances with a common objective. In order to ensure a consolidated approach, our work includes lobbying, public relations, marketing, communication, and administration strategies.

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