Social progress in business is our work.

As a business consulting and support agency, we help our clients identify business risks and opportunities. We prepare them to participate in the business investment process in the Democratic Republic of Congo and accompany them in their engagements. Policies and their development matter: they are important for both large and small organizations, whether commercial or not. In an ever-evolving reality, both at the African and national levels, it is essential to remain attentive to any potential political and commercial changes.

Our goal is to gain the trust of our compatriots and other interested friends in investing in the Democratic Republic of Congo, enabling them to achieve better results. Making their voices heard means being creative. Strategies must be innovative and adaptable.

Initiated by executives and members of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress, in short UDPS / Tshisekedi, living in the diaspora and concerned about the social progress of their compatriots, we count among us men and women experienced in business and investment facilitation.